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Nature Maestro Rainforest Day Reviews!

  • LOVE BEING IN A RAINFOREST: "Beautifully illustrated rainforest with a variety of animals and their recorded sounds. The sound quality is outstanding. Many opportunities to explore and create compositions with natural sounds. A creative and challenging auditory experience." Artist/Teacher
  • RAINFOREST DAY: "This is a beautiful, luminous app that transports you via sound to the rainforest, Lovely melody serves as the backdrop to the nature sounds you add by dragging the icons into the scene. Very authentic. You can voice over and send your composition to a friend." Rramlee

Nature Maestro Glacier Bay

  • "Beautifully illustrated glacier bay setting with uniques animals and the haunting sounds only heard in the far north. Exploring this setting takes you there. Great sound quality."Artist/Teacher

Nature Maestro Expedition

  • FANTASTIC INTERACTION WITH BIOMES: "I am reviewing Expedition with the same enthusiasm I give to the seperate app components Rainforest Day, Rainforest Night and Glacier Bay. These are a dream for parents and teachers to enjoy with their kids. For the 5-7 year olds learning not only about the aniomals of nature, but their groupings and sounds as well as the sounds of the environment they are in, these apps have not only visual pleasure but the interactive ability to compose music with the sounds of the environment. Five Stars!" Educational Speaker
Sophie enjoying Nature Maestro Rainforest Day

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