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Dennis Hysom Nature Maestro

Dennis Hysom hears music wherever he goes. He traveled to wild, wonderful places in North and Central America where he often huddled all night in the dark to record sounds of nature. His experiences inspire Nature Maestro. A composer, songwriter, sound designer, and performer, he has written and produced dozens of musical albums.

Christine Walker Nature Maestro

Christine Walker loves art and color. She usually paints with brushes, but for Nature Maestro she paints with pixels. She also creates the content. Dennis and she partner in many other ventures, including songs, children's books, and the Wooleycat apps published by PicPocket Books. With Dennis, she visualizes a world where humans live in harmony with nature.

Krishna Narayan Nature Maestro

Krishna Narayan heads Island Innovation's global development team from Maui headquarters. Ideas fly among collaborators in weekly "jazz" sessions in a virtual village. Between sessions there's research and innovation and progress for Nature Maestro, as the creators and Krishna's team put creativity and iterative processes into play.